Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Hello all!

Let me introduce myself: I am a computer science major at the College of Charleston. I just finished my second year of college in April and have begun working as a research assistant for the CIRDLES program at the college. I am helping two others work in the CHRONI program. Chroni is the mobile app for CIRDLES that is meant to be used by geo-chronologists in the field. A lot of work has already been done on the Android version but work has just begun on the iOS version. For me, this means that my first few weeks were spent learning swift and how to use xcode as well as familiarizing myself with the Android version of the app.

I used this tutorial to get started with swift and test driven development. I took the tutorial fairly slowly and methodically and did other reading about swift along side of it. I completed the tutorial and created a simple FizzBuzz game. I also added a few features not included in the tutorial such as a high score counter and a red flash when the player makes a mistake. I then started a new iOS app to convert kickoff times of rugby games all over the world to the device's local time. I have not finished this app since I soon jumped into writing test cases for the iOS app.

I am excited to be a part of CIRDLES and I look forward to gaining experience programming as part of a team.